What is this website? is an informal Marxist archive, run by a collective of reading groups. Archive meaning we provide a library of texts, ebooks and other resources. Informal meaning we're a small project, run by a small group of volunteers, with little in the way of reliability compared to other projects.

What kind of content is in this website?

The content published here is in some way or another related to discussions in the reading groups. We also publish the occasional rare text or original translation. The Archive provides republished texts, translations and rare pieces, in high quality formatting. The Library hosts ebooks.

What's with the schedules?

This website is run by a collective of reading groups. Those are our schedules, which we keep here for reference. The reading groups are also the reason we maintain the archive.

What software does this site run?

The Archive software is called Amusewiki. The Library software is Calibre Web.


If you wish to contact us, whether about the archives or anything else, email We will reply as soon as possible.

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